Julius Nzang

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Julius was born in 1988 in Kumba, South West region of Cameroon. After his primary and secondary education, he pursued studies in Journalism and Mass Communication and by 2010 he was holder of BSc in that field from the University of Buea. That same year he worked as an online Journalist and public relations officer at the Kumba 1 Council under then Mayor Prince Ekale Mukete,  He hosted the “PRIDE’s Show” which brought together and displayed varied traditions and cultures in Cameroon.

Earlier in 2011, he became a full member of the Christian Youth Fellowship Movement (CYF) of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and in November that year he was elected the group’s president. Before he was president he had begun attending the Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation training program for youths of the PCC during which he met with the then seconded personnel from Bread for the World (then EED) by name Katharina Schilling, this was going to bring a whole new page in his life. Based on his outstanding performance during his training as a young peacebuilder, exceptional creative skills and his passion for Peace work,   he began working with the PCC Peace Office which was just few months old at the time and was based in the Youth Department of the Church. He facilitated trainings with Katharina, co-authored “Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation Resource books and Methods books” compiled and edited “Youths and Peace: A collection of poems by young Cameroonians” and he created and directed the “The Ogorum Saga” A radio play currently airing on radio Christian Broadcasting Service (CBS Buea FM 95.3).

In 2014 Julius Nzang began working as a journalist at the Communication Department of PCC in anticipation of the new vision of the Peace Office. In 2015 he attended the Mindanao Peace Institute (MPI) where he was further trained on Peace and Conflict, he was part of the African Youth and Governance Conference in Johannesburg South Africa in 2015; Julius Nzang in 2016 was further trained as a Peace and Conflict Consultant at the Academy for Conflict Transformation in Germany. He later that same year joined other peace researchers in Sierra Leone for the 26th IPRA (International Peace Research Institute) Biennial General Conference hosted by the University of Sierra Leone and was part of a workshop on Peace Journalism offered by Steven Youngblood. Julius Nzang is now PCC Local counterpart to his colleague Wolfram Metzig at the PCC Peace Office in Buea, and partly serves as a journalist at the CBS Radio. He is creator and host of the radio peace program called “Eyole: The Wind of Peace”.

“So do not be concerned with the fruit of your action just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord”

Eckhart Tolle

Wolfram Metzig-Eisner

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Wolfram was born 1976 in Cologne, situated in the western part of Germany . After absolving a foreign exchange year in Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 1993 he finished high school in 1996. After he was drafted for military service, he refused taking up a gun and alternatively worked in a hospital in Cologne for thirteen months. After working with a solidarity brigade during a 3months stay in Nicaragua, Central America in the third semester, he decided to quit from university, where he was studying Regional Sciences of Latin America. In the next 2,5 years Wolfram accomplished to get a professional training to become a “Mediadesigner for Sound and Picture”. In his future life he continued to use his trained skills in filming and video editing commercially, privately and, much more passionate, for the education of youths. Nevertheless, working for the commercial mass media was not the contribution to society he wanted to make. After one year working as a freelancer for television and having moved to Berlin in 2003, he went to work and study at the Alice-Salomon University succeeding with a diploma in Social work/Social pedagogy with a focus on Social Justice and Diversity and Media Pedagogy in 2007. During his studies he spent 6 months in Chiapas, Mexico where he got in contact with the Zapatista Liberation Movement, luckily getting the chance to see the leaders of the movement, among them El Subcomandante Marcos. He spent some weeks as a human rights observer in the indigenous communities with Freyba, a human rights center based in San Cristobal de las Casas. He mainly worked for the Chiapas Media Project, an independent media house, strongly connected to the indigenous population in southern Mexico. After 2007, Wolfram got to know Catherina. He began to work in a refugee shelter for the following years. During this time he had intensive academical and practical training on Sustainable Development, Trauma coping and Peace Education. The last 1,5 years before coming to Cameroon, Wolfram was working with minor refugees in Berlin as a social worker.

Receiving more intensive training in Conflict Transformation, Peace Education, Organizational Development, Training of Trainers and more, he traveled to Cameroon in November 2015. Not before attending the birth of his second daughter in July 2015. Wolfram is married to Catherina and lives together with wife and daughters Romi and Marla in Buea, working for the PCC Peace Office.

“I really love working in the field of Conflict Transformation. It gives me the chance to talk about what I think is important in life. It also helps me to understand so many different perspectives by getting to know and learn from a great diversity of people. My work makes me so passionate because I strongly believe in the transformation power of nonviolence. To give is to receive and sharing my knowledge in the fields of Peace, Conflict, Violence, Nonviolence and Communication in a participatory way is a constant process of learning for me.

Really crucial for my work and the contribution to a societal transformation process is that one gets to know his/her inner self. In our workshop we always include elements of self-awareness and reflection. Nonviolence is not only a technique and a set of skills. It is much more an attitude, a way of living and a constant effort to be integrated in every aspect of life. Just like violence, nonviolence can be learned and trained.”