Participants Nonviolent Conflict Management in Schools, 2016

“I saw a different perspective and a different approach in nonviolent conflict management in schools.”

“The light hearted manner in which the presentations were done. This made the seminar interesting as energizers were frequently used.”

“New techniques on peacebuilding and mediations in times of conflict.”


Participant Peaceworkshop Presbytery Presidents Christian Women Fellowship (CWF), June 2016

“As a leader I have gained much more on peacebuilding. The strategies and peacebuilding tools will help me to manage myself and the institutions under my control well.”


Participant of Peaceworkshop for Christian Men Fellowship (CMF), April 2016

“The topic of the seminar was challenging and exciting and coming at a time where Peace worldwide is becoming a rare commodity. So being invited to attend such a seminar was a real privilege.”